Winners!  Innovate to Grow - Spring 2023
Engineering Capstone (CAP)
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Civil & Environmental
  Track 6
Software Engineering Capstone (CSE)
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Spring 2023 - Event

Thursday, May 11, 2023 - 10:30 - 7:00

  • 10:30  Registration + Coffee - Gym
  • 11:30  Expo (Posters - Demos - Lunch) - Gym (no Zoom)
  • 2:00  Presentations - COB bldg. + Zoom (see schedule for Rooms)
  • 5:45  Awards Ceremony - Gym
  • 6:00  Reception - Gym

Preparing for the Event

  • Register ASAP  to attend in person or on zoom!
  • To attend on Zoom, ensure your account displays your Full Name.
  • Review schedule, projects, and teams (below): check for updates!
  • You may click on a team (e.g. CSE-314) to open that team info.
  • Then, you may click the open/close icon to view project details.

Attend in Person:  (EVENT MAP)

  • Park in the reserved area in the Bellevue Lot (Gold section - follow signs).
  • Walk or shuttle to the Gym.
  • Pick up your badge at the Registration desk.
  • Registration and coffee start at 10:30.
  • Expo doors open at 11:15 for student posters/demos.
  • Lunch is served in boxes at the Gym.
  • Presentations start promptly at 2:00 at COB building! 
  • Search the room of your desired track (see the schedule below).
  • You may also attend the Award Ceremony and the Reception.

Attend on Zoom:

  • You may only view the Presentations, not the Expo and Awards.
  • Each Track is held in a separate Zoom Room.
  • Plan to click the I2G Home Page by 1:50 to find and join a track!
  • Access to Zoom rooms will appear in the Schedule below and in the I2G Home Page on the event day after 1:50!
  • Sign in your Zoom account, make sure your “Display Name” is your Full Name.
  • Click the button of the desired Track # (passcode is:  I2G).
  • Presentations will start promptly at 2:00!  
  • You may change Zoom Room to change track!


Room: Gym    (only, NO Zoom)

Registration and Coffee


Demos and Posters - Lunch Boxes


Networking - Transition to Presentations




Room: Conference Center

Award Ceremony



Track Year-Semester Class Team# Team Name Project Title Organization Industry More Info    



For any questions or comments, please send an email to: